Have some of the same materials (and some different ones) on my Slideshare page.

1.  Integrative Steps of Learning. This combines some theories of learning (such as by Bloom and Davy) and considers its potential import on how discipleship should be done in Church.  (Note: the presentation looks for principles… it does not give a specific program.)

2.  Church-Based Member Care for Missionaries.  Looks at member care issues for missionaries… especially for those supported by Asian home churches.

3.  Interfaith Dialogue.  A brief look at some issues involving the use of dialogue in interfaith interactions.

4.  Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership.  A powerpoint presentation based on the book of the same name by McIntosh and Rima.

5.  Strengthening Mission Support. Powerpoint presentation given at West Baguio Baptist Church on how it can more effectively support missions and missionaries.

6.  Ethnographic Research #1. Powerpoint #1 from a module class on the use of ethnography in mission work.

7.  Ethnographic Research #2.  Second presentation from a module class. Focuses on steps of doing a simple ethnographic research and report.

8.  Ethnographic Research #3. Third presentation from a module class. Focuses on Rapid Rural Assessment and Participatory Rapid Assessment.

9.  Contemporary Issues in Missions. A personal list and brief discussion of contemporary issues in missions methods and underlying beliefs.

10. Learning Styles and Modes of Learning. Some principles related to education, particularly (although not exclusively) Christian education.

11.  Challenges in Christian Community Development in the Philippines. The title is rather self-explanatory, but the presentation is the result of interviews with individuals involved in CCD in the Philippines.

12.  Social Ministry Theory. Some concepts regarding Christian social ministry.

13.  Theology of Social Ministry. Again some principles regarding Christian social ministry.

14.  Filipino Values in Missions. This presentation was created by a fellow student, but it has some good thoughts on some basic Filipino cultural traits. May expand it some day.

15.  Spiritual Abuse #1.  First in a series on the concern of spiritual or religious abuse, especially in the context of churches.

16.  Spiritual Abuse #2.  Second in a series on the concern of spiritual or religious abuse, with special focus on religious leaders who abuse spiritually.


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