My Books


I. Theostorying:Reflections on God, Narrative, and Culture.  by Robert H. Munson. 2012.

The book, a little over 100 page long and focuses, primarily, on the role of myth and parable (as functionally defined) in expressing theology (or God-stories) across cultural barriers. The link below is to a address.
Click Here:  Theostorying

II.      CHRISTIAN MEDICAL MISSIONS: Principles and Practices in the Church’s Role for Effective Community Outreach in the Philippines and Beyond.  By Robert H. Munson, 2012.  Based on my dissertation. Focuses on how medical mission events can be integrated into a broader long-term church outreach and community transformation.

Click Here:  Christian Medical Missions

III. Dissertation:  Strategic Use of Medical Mission Events in Long-Term Local Church Outreach: A Consultant-Style Framework for Medical Mission Practitioners in the Ilocos Region, Philippines.  by Robert H. Munson. Paper submitted towards Doctor of Theology Degree from Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, January 2012.

<Not available on-line at this time.  Suggest you look at the book “Christian Medical Missions” above.>

IV.  Thoughts on Wholistic Ministry in Biblical Context. by Robert H. Munson.   <NOTE:  This, perhaps, qualifies as a “book in the rough”.

It has chapters on different passages of the Bible, reflecting on them through the lens of wholistic ministry. This is DEFINITELY a rough draft. Will try to clean it up in 2013.

Click Here:   Wholistic Ministry

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