My Books (Done or Still Baking)

  • Theostorying:Reflections on God, Narrative, and Culture.  by Robert H. Munson. 2012.

Cover 1The book, a little over 120 page long and focuses, primarily, on the role of myth and parable (as functionally defined) in expressing theology (or God-stories) across cultural barriers..
The latest Revision (#3 I think). Paper or Kindle copies may be Purchased HERE.

  • Principles and Practices for Healthy Christian Medical Missions: Seeking the Church’s Role for Effective Community Outreach in the Philippines and Beyond.         By Robert H. Munson, 2015.

41l78twLOOLBased on my dissertation. Looks at guiding principles for how short-term medical mission events can be done in partnership with local churches for long-term community impact and transformation. Click HERE.

  • Ministry in Diversity: Applied Cultural Anthropology in a Multicultural World. by Robert H. Munson. 2015.  Not Yet Published.

Looks at the applied cultural anthropology from the perspective of those involved in Christian ministry… especially, but not limited to, cross-cultural missionaries. Should be available in the Philippines soon. Other places maybe.

  • Introduction to Community and Clinical Pastoral Care.  I am writing this in conjunction with other members of the Bukal Life Care staff. It is for Clinical Pastoral Orientation as well as Clinical Pastoral Education. It is around 60% done.  My strength is in missions, so it takes a lot more research… but it is coming along.
  • Dissertation:  Strategic Use of Medical Mission Events in Long-Term Local Church Outreach: A Consultant-Style Framework for Medical Mission Practitioners in the Ilocos Region, Philippines.  by Robert H. Munson. Paper submitted towards Doctor of Theology Degree from Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, January 2012.  <Not available on-line at this time.  Suggest you look at the book “Christian Medical Missions” above.>
  • Thoughts on Wholistic Ministry in Biblical Context. by Robert H. Munson.   <NOTE:  This, perhaps, qualifies as a “book in the rough”.>  It has chapters on different passages of the Bible, reflecting on them through the lens of wholistic ministry. Will try to clean it up in 2014 umm… 2015 maybe or 2016… You are certainly welcome to look at it.

Click Here:   Wholistic Ministry


  • Mission Living. by Robert H. Munson. <Another book in the rough… written back in 2008 and almost lost and forgotten. Still have some good moments, I think.>  Insights I had on missions based on my first 4 years serving in missions at seminary in the Philippines and leading a medical mission organization (with family).

Click Here:  Mission Living


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