This may be a pastor’s blog, but the guidance is equally apt for missionaries, and for ministry work overseas. Since these issues tie to my previous work in medical missions, or my present work in pastoral care & counseling, I figure it is worth “reblogging.”

Dan Carlton

For those of you wondering if I would break my code of silence on political issues – don’t worry – I’m thinking about a different type of health care challenge. I recently went on an annual pastor’s retreat. This is always a highlight of the year for Emily and me as we spend time with people we enjoy and admire and talk about the opportunities, excitement and challenges of vocational ministry. We also get to interact with some wonderful leaders from the business, political and academic world.

One of our presenters this year was Nancy Agee  who is the CEO of the Carilion Clinic which is the major hospital system in southwest Virginia.  She mentioned four things that pastors and churches could do to help health care in our culture.

1-Help congregations be more healthy. That was hard to hear with all the dessert I ate at this year’s retreat…

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