Some Resources Available

I have updated some more to the PRESENTATIONS page and ARTICLES page on this site. Feel free to look them over and download if you think they have value.
I also have some other resources tucked away in other places.  There is a lot of redundancy, but some that are specific to those pages.
SLIDESHARE.  I have a slideshare account where I put a fair bit of stuff. So you can look there as well.  My Slideshare Account

WORLDWIDEOPEN. I also keep some resources in this account.  My World Wide Open Account

Frankly, I have tons (megabytes?) of presentations and such related to missions and some other topics like counseling. I don’t put everything out there because:

1.  Some presentations aren’t too useful without a speaker already knowledgeable of the lesson.

2.  Some presentations were made by others… and I am not sure whether I have their blessing to share publically.

3.  Some presentations just aren’t that good (informationally or technically) and I haven’t gotten around to fixing them.

If you have some specific interests I can see what I have.  And I suppose I ought to work on fixing more of them to make them available.