I did a post on suggested definitions for “Christian Missions” and “Missionary.” Since there have been questions in terms of Missions Theology as to whether it is a valid field of academic study, good definitions are necessary. (https://munsonmissions.org/2021/06/27/defining-christian-missions-and-missionary/) Click Here

My Missions Theology Book is Finally Done

I decided to put it on Slideshare rather than publish. Why? Dunno. Trying something different.

You can access it by CLICKING HERE.

This website is a place I set up to share some thoughts on

Samaria Front Cover
Book looking at the history of mission work in Samaria with implications to us in reaching our “uncomfortable neighbors”

Christian Missions, as well as some other topics like Theology, Church, Evangelism, Pastoral Theology, and Pastoral Counseling, Yes that is not all that narrow, but I like to think lots of things and this website helps me think.

My wife and I have served in the Philippines for 16 years. I teach missions in a seminary and my wife and I run a pastoral care center.

Feel free to check out my posts. There are over 1100 posts so far and

Looks at the role of stories to talk about God and do ministry

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