Paradoxical Missions

I have somewhere around 2000 pages of posts, if one removes posts that are just links to other articles, and if one removes the pictures. That is a fair bit of writing. I would love to say that everything I have written is AWESOME. Alas… this is not the case. However, some I am quite happy about even years later. One of my favorites is PARADOXICAL MISSIONS. The reason is that it combines a number of my key beliefs regarding Christian Missions. I would encourage you reading it…. Click Here for Paradoxical Missions.

Free Books

As noted a few days ago, this site has just passed the 10 year point. In recognition of this, I have decided to offer free PDFs of three of my books here. They are:

  1. My book on doing Medical Missions. This is a more readable, and shortened version of my doctoral dissertation.

2. My book on Interreligious Dialogue. This is the book that I use for my seminary course on this topic.

3. My book, Missions in Samaria. This is the book that I turned sermon series, into an article, and then in to a short book.

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This website is a place I set up to share some thoughts on

Samaria Front Cover
Book looking at the history of mission work in Samaria with implications to us in reaching our “uncomfortable neighbors”

Christian Missions, as well as some other topics like Theology, Church, Evangelism, Pastoral Theology, and Pastoral Counseling, Yes that is not all that narrow, but I like to think lots of things and this website helps me think.

My wife and I have served in the Philippines for 16 years. I teach missions in a seminary and my wife and I run a pastoral care center.

Feel free to check out my posts. There are over 1100 posts so far and

Looks at the role of stories to talk about God and do ministry

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