March 19, 2023

I just published my book on Theology of Missions— Walking With: a Theological Reflection on Christian Missions. It is a book that I have actually been working on, off and on, for something like 8 years. I have a PDF version on this website which is based on an older revision. This version is available as paperback. May update electronic version later.

This website is mostly a collection of my webposts/articles. I have over 1300 posts since 2010. Most of them involve a fair bit of thought about Missions, Cultural Anthropology, Theology of Missions, Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Care, and Theology. Many of them I am rather proud of. Some I don’t feel as good about as I used to. However, generally, I have decided to keep them there since they are written-down part of my growth, hopefully.

You can look at my posts HERE. You can also type in a key word in the Search box to see if I have written on the topic you are interested in.

And there are some books I have written on various topics of missions, as well as pastoral care (the PC books were co-written with my wife, Celia, who is a certified pastoral counselor). One can look at these by Clicking Here.