This website is mostly a collection of my webposts/articles. I have over 1300 posts since 2010. Most of them involve a fair bit of thought about Missions, Cultural Anthropology, Theology of Missions, Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Care, and Theology. Many of them I am rather proud of. Some I don’t feel as good about as I used to. However, generally, I have decided to keep them there since they are written-down part of my growth, hopefully.

You can look at my posts HERE. You can also type in a key word in the Search box to see if I have written on the topic you are interested in.

I decided to take two of my books off Amazon, and make them downloadable here. One of them is “Ministry in Diversity.” This is my book on Cultural (or Missionary) Anthropology. Although I very much liked the book when I wrote it a few years back. Looking at it now, I feel like it could do with an update. I may get around to updating it or not. Regardless, until I do update it, the present version I am making available here. The other book is Missions in Samaria. Although I really like the (small) book, it always felt more like a passion project than a work for publishing. So it, likewise is available here for free download. Click on the links below.



The most popular posts in 2021.

Reflection, Restoration, Redemption and Three Little Pigs. One of my favorite stories, and I have also turned it into a sermon. It is available as a video. You can see it HERE.
Oral Transmission and “Rida Rida Ranka.” This has perennially been one of my more popular posts. It is probably because of the large Scandinavian diaspora. I look at the Scandinavian poem “Rida Rida Ranka” and see how it was passed on orally both through those that spoke the language and those who did not. Although not, strictly speaking, a missiological article, I think it has relevance to some of the concerns regarding orality in non-literate cultures. Actually, one understanding of the article is that issues of orality still matter even in literate cultures.
Problems with Spiritual Gifts. As one who had taught “Spiritual Gift Assessments,” I was surprised as I studied up on spiritual gifts that a lot of what I was taught was simply made up. Perhaps it is true, perhaps it is not. But one thing that I found to my surprise was “They Are Not Important.” That really went against what the whole way of thinking I had. I had felt, like many, that Spiritual Gifts and been ignored by the Church throughout most of its history, and then their importance had only been recently rediscovered. But as I went through things, I realized that the Bible simply DOES NOT ascribe great importance to spiritual gifts. They are there if they are needed, but they are not really meant to be secret knowledge as to God’s plan for your future. Anyway, although I probably need to update this post, I am glad it is popular.
Reminiscing with Mr. Bean. This is a bit of autobiography, talking about things from a couple of different difficult times in our missionary life. It is about God’s sustaining even during those times. I suspect the high visit rate is because of people “googling” Mr. Bean. But that is okay, I guess.
Cultural Perspectives and the “Prodigal Son.” This is a short post on a story I got from one of my favorite books on culture. Simple, but I am glad it is popular.

My Favorite Posts that I Wrote in 2021.

I don’t consider this a stellar year in my writing, but there are some that I am quite proud of:

Other Writing.

If my blog posts were not as stellar, I think it is because I have been doing other writings. I completed one book, revised another, and wrote two articles. They are noted below.

  1. I have completed an article that I feel pretty good about. The title is “Apostles/Evangelists of the First Three Centuries as Exemplars for Modern Missionaries.” If you are interested in it, it is available on Academia.edu. You can CLICK HERE.
  2. Theological Objections to Christian Missions in Protestant Church History. This article is drawn extensively from my Mission Theology book described below.
  3. My shot at writing a Missions Theology book. I decided to put it on Slideshare rather than publish. Why? Dunno. Trying something different. You can access it by CLICKING HERE.

This website is a place I set up to share some thoughts on

Samaria Front Cover
Book looking at the history of mission work in Samaria with implications to us in reaching our “uncomfortable neighbors”

Christian Missions, as well as some other topics like Theology, Church, Evangelism, Pastoral Theology, and Pastoral Counseling, Yes that is not all that narrow, but I like to think lots of things and this website helps me think.

My wife and I have served in the Philippines for 16 years. I teach missions in a seminary and my wife and I run a pastoral care center.

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