My Promotionals

I would like to promote a few ministries that I am involved in:

Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.  Bachelor Program. I teach here, and have since 2008. It is a great seminary. It is a Philippine Southern Baptist seminary, but (at least at the moment) a majority of young (and not so young) men and women) are from outside of the Philippines (mostly Asia, but some from all over the world) and a majority of residential students are not Southern Baptist. The international aspect comes from the fact that the instruction is in English.  I teach there now, but found it a great way to learn while doing mission work.

Even though the majority of students are in the Master’s programs, I would like to especially promote the Bachelor’s program. My wife teaches Pastoral Care for the Bachelor’s program, and I teach some of the Mission courses. The clachass size is much smaller than for the Master’s classes, and has excellent instruction. From my own observation, many of the best Master’s students at PBTS were those formerly in the Bachelor’s program.

Bukal Life Care. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE program). Celia is a CPE supervisor, and we have nearly a year-around program of CPE. We also have some SITs (supervisors-in-training) that work with us. The program has grown considerably. Our training is USUALLY in English, unless we have an entire group of a different language competency.  We also are involved in other ministries, such as training seminars and pastoral counseling, but CPE is our single biggest ministry. We are accredited by both CPSP-Philippines and CPSP (US).

Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary.  PBTS is also part of a consortium of Baptist seminaries in Southeast Asia. The largest program, the last I checked, is the one in the Philippines. Again, the instruction is in English here in the Philippines, so we have a very international student body. It provides degree programs from ThM up through ThD.  I have taught some classes there, but in recent years, I am a thesis or dissertation supervisor.