“Missions in Samaria” Book

One positive side of enhanced quarantine is the opportunity to make progress on something that one had definitely had on the ‘back burner.’ I decided to try to finish my book “Missions in Samaria” a few months early. When I say it is done, I mean that the first draft is done. It is only about 70 pages, but I am happy where it is— at least for now. My next book will be a collaboration with my wife on a pastoral counseling case workbook. It should be valuable, especially in the Asian context.

If you want to read the first draft of my book, “Missions in Samaria,” click on the link below.

Missions in Samaria rev 0

Of course, if you are bored, you can also look at other books that I wrote or my wife and I wrote, they are listed in:   My Books

Books Status (Statuses? Statii?)

Have had some nice progress in the last few weeks:theostorying cover 1

  • THEOSTORYING.  I finished Revision C on it and decided to self-publish. I am rather proud of this short little book although I had the disquieting (and common) discovery of new errors in the book as soon as it went up on the Web.  It is now available on Amazon.com
  • MINISTRY IN DIVERSITY:  Applied Cultural Anthropology in a Multicultural World.  The first draft is done and is being reviewed by my Cultural Anthropology students at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. After that, some corrections and updates, add the endnotes and such and it should be ready to go.
  • FOUNDATIONS OF COMMUNITY AND CLINICAL PASTORAL CARE. I really need to prioritize this. It is maybe 1/4 done. But we do Clinical Orientation and Clinical Pastoral Education here and there is no book that seems to fully satisfy in this area. The hope is to integrate (honestly) theological and psychological principles. Hopefully will have it done by… May?????
  • THEOSTORYING II.  I have plotted a little out on this. Some nice ideas but not sure when I can fully invest in it. Maybe I should work on it after the next one.
  • INTRODUCTION TO MISSIOLOGY. I have been asked to write this. A lot of good books that introduce missiology… but not necessarily from a Philippine perspective. Additionally, a lot of the intros have rather silly definitions for missions, and sloppy underlying theological principles. Can I do better? I don’t know… but maybe.
  • Updating the past.  There are three books that I have written in the past. One is book form of my doctoral dissertation on medical missions. It is a good book with good research, but it still has a lot of the annoyingly stilted language of most dissertations. Maybe I should update it.  I also have two books, one on wholistic interpretation of some Biblical passages and one that is a semi-autobiographical look on missions. Both have their moments but neither is anywhere ready for primetime. Maybe neither ever will be.