Materials for EV-362 Students

Here are some resources for my EV-362 (Principles of Church Growth and Church Planting) students. I normally, put presentation materials in my Slideshare Account or on However, some of this material was written by others so I did not want to put them there giving the idea that they were created by me.

Syllabus (Munson)

Church Growth History  (Culbertson)

Church Growth History (Russell)

Rapid Rural Assessment (Munson)

RRA/Ethnography (Munson)

NCD Overview  (NCD Canada)

Church DNA (Chandler)

COMDEV for Churchplanting (Gabaldon)

CPM Overview (Russell)

CPM 10 Universals  (Russell)

CPM Cases   (Russell)

Cultivating Innovation  (Chandler)

Diffusion Strategies for Change (Chandler)

Pillars of a Master Plan (Chandler)

Bonsai Theory of Church Growth (Munson)