Church on a Mission (Two Quotes from David Bosch)

Church in missions:

“A community of people who,

in the face of the tribulations they encounter, keep their eyes steadfastly on the reign of God

by praying for its coming,

by being its disciples,

by proclaiming its presence,

by working for peace and justice in the midst of hatred and oppression, and

by looking and working toward God’s liberating future.”

-David Bosch in “Transforming Missions” (page 54)

“Mission takes place where the church, in its total involvement with the world, bears its testimony in the form of a servant, with reference to



discrimination andviolence,

but also with reference to




reconciliation and

(David Bosch.  “Mission–an Attempt at a Definition,” Church Scene, April 25, 1986, p. ll.)

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