Top 10 Posts in 2011

Since 2012 starts in a couple of days, I figured I would list the top 10 posts from this year. I hope that you have found God’s joy in turbulent 2011, and pray that you will find God’s peace and direction in 2012.     -Bob and Celia Munson

#10            Fallacies and Questions Surrounding Redemptive Analogy.  Redemptive analogies (along with metaphors, stories, parables) can be effective in communicating God’s truths.  However, there are some areas of confusion with redemptive analogy, and this post tries to address some of these.

#9            What View Should the Christian Take of Non-Christian Religions.  This posts points out three common views about non-Christian religions (come from God, come from Satan, come from Man) and utilizes the example of the Longhouse religion prophet Handsome Lake to illustrate the complexity of the issue.

#8                Some Thoughts on Culture and Communication: Part III.  I never did figure out why this one was so popular while parts I and II have been somewhat ignored.  Search engines are funny. However, part III is the integration of some semiotic theory and the three-culture model to suggest how contextualization must primarily act on the symbolic level rather than material  or institutional levels.

#7            Screaming Hornets and Letters from Home.  A more personal post, pointing out how important it is for overseas or cross-cultural missionaries to receive personal notes, and other remembrances from back home.

#6            Christian Missions: Destroyer of Cultures?  Looks into the charge that Christian missionaries destroy cultures. The post gives a qualified NO, but does recognize that missions does affect culture, and has at times hurt local cultures.

#5            Missions and the Resurrection of Christ, Part I.  Part of a longer discussion, but shows that the resurrection of Christ is key to the recognition of His character, His message, and God’s word. As such, it is foundational to Christian missions.

#4            Church Acculturation in Missions.  Looks at different options for church acculturation (interacting and adapting to and with a surrounding culture) and relates it to communication of the gospel. <It has good information, but I have to admit it needs to be written in a more user friendly way… later.>

#3        Missions Starts at Home. A look at the Shema (from Deuteronomy 6) and the ways it shows we should educate our children in the home.

#2        From Power Encounter to Love Encounter.  Looks at the three major popularized encounters: Truth, Allegiance, and Power Encounters, and suggests that Love Encounter is a valid encounter and should replace Power Encounter as one of the big three.

#1            Missions Starts at Home: Part II.  Post talks about some things we did to prepare our children for being in the mission field.  Focusing more on personal experience than on the words of experts.

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