Article by a friend of mine and fellow missionary working here in the Philippines.



by Barry D. Phillips, author of I Planted the Seed (and Woody Squashed It).

If I were a game show contestant, you might shout at your TV as I surrendered $2500 in cash in exchange for the mystery contents of a blue box. Then you’d laugh, shake your head and mock my decision to trade away a high definition, 55” flat screen TV for the unseen thing behind curtain number three. How reckless!  Why would anyone do such a thing? It seems almost inexplicable.

This same personality quirk attracts me to grab bags filled with unknown items. Grab bags are an imaginative way to sell odds and ends or mismatched items. But as a buyer, you’re paying for unknown contents. It’s the mystery inside the bag that provides this rather peculiar attraction for people like me.  Grab bags possess an odd desirability that can’t fully be explained…

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