Doing Good


‘Good Deeds’ is Googled 201,000 times per month.

Doing good is a little like rowing a canoe.  It’s beautiful when you see the sunset just at your fingertips and you feel as if life’s possibilities are as endless as the horizon’s reach.  But then the boat starts to turn in an unexpected direction and you realize that your partner in the back is stroking his oar the wrong way.  Or your feet start to cool down and you notice that an unexpected hole is slowly informing you it’s probably best to find safety at shore.  And then there’s always that infamous complete imbalance where one person is trying to stand and adjust something they deem necessary to adjust and the whole boat decides to unexpectedly flip.  Usually someone ends up stuck underneath, with just a little bit of room to breathe while another person desperately tries to single-handedly flip the…

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