FB Page for Missions Theology

I decided to create a Facebook Page where some of the articles in this blog get mirrored. There are several reasons for this.

1. I wanted to have a place that focuses on Missions Theology (or Contextual Theology). However, I did not want to limit this blog.

2.  FB has its own type of reader. Although most people who visit my WP blog also visit FB, there are demographic differences in the two groups. Wanted to broaden the audience, but also get people from both groups accessing in both directions.

3.  It kind of forces me to revisit and “clean up” my old posts. In theory one should go back and fix grammatical errors, and update thoughts and so forth. But when one has nearly 400 posts, it is an onerous task. But selecting posts to mirror in FB gives me a good opportunity to review and “fix.”

4.  Some are more open to dialogue in the FB environment than in the WP environment. Perhaps the page will be educational for myself as well.

The FB Page is titled “MMM-Mission Theology”


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