The Long Reach of Injustice

The death of Nelson Mandela got me thinking about the death of Missiologist David Bosch, an opponent of apartheid. He transition from being a supporter of apartheid in his denomination (that supported apartheid) to being uncertain to being an opponent is well-documented. And then he died allegedly due to the system that he opposed but was designed to protect him (while hurting the majority) . Sad he did not see the changes made under the leadership of Mandela.


On the passing of Nelson Mandela…

Who will be the voice for those who have no voice?  What happens when no one speaks up against the wrongs around us?

Nelson Mandela was  spoke out against injustice.  Though it cost him prison and other hardships, he spoke up when others were silent.  Those like him who did protest had their voices silenced by a powerful system that denied humane treatment of others because of the colour of their skin.  Their injustice had a long reach, beyond what may have imagined.

Recently I have been reading the works of South African scholar David Bosch.  Bosch was one of the greatest missionary theologians of our time. His work is regarded as one of the seminal works in our current understanding of the theology of the role of mission and the church.  A pastor and teacher, he was an opponent of racism.

The story…

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