America Proves It Isn’t So “Beautiful”

I have to admit that any contest on “patriotism” I would lose. I do believe in duty to country… but I see citizenship more in terms of pragmatism than pride (being a citizen of no nation is simply not a practical option). Still, the reactions over that commercial from Coca-Cola was weird. The fact that it is often the newbies (new citizens) that have greater patriotism or love of country than the old-timers (citizen by choice rather than by chance) should make one question the strange reactions to the ad. I am a US citizen only, while my wife and children are dual citizens (citizens of the US and the Philippines). I have seen stuff on the Internet of people who fear that dual citizenship is un-American and opens the door to terrorism and other things. Hardly likely. My wife speaks four languages fluently (as opposed to me who speaks 1 to maybe 1.3 languages). Can’t see how language says anything about patriotism.
For me, however, in the end, showing off how patriotic or nationalistic one is is a bit of a waste of time for Christians. Christians are dual citizens (heaven and earth). Since citizenship in heaven overflows any national boundaries, I HOPE that the over-the-top reactions did not come from Christians. But Christians lose perspective as fast as anyone else, sadly.

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During the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Coca-Cola exhibited their newest advertisement titled “America the Beautiful”. It is about one minute long and plays the song “America the Beautiful” sung in eight different languages, and showcases the diversity that makes this country what it is today. It also showed a gay couple, which was “the first Super Bowl ad to feature a gay family, according to GLAAD, a lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy organization” (USA Today).

My reaction when I saw it: “that was lovely”.

Too many other people’s reaction: “speak English or go home”.

What in the world is wrong with this country? Why are we so ignorant to the diversity that makes this country so rich? Why do we think that it is actually OK to insult other ethnicities and assume that their being here makes our country “communist”?

“”We hope the ad gets people talking…

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