“Misteryosong Sakit sa Pangasinan”?

Guys… Calm Down for a Minute… Please…

In just the last few hours I have gotten over 4000 hits on my blog because of the supposed existence of flesh-eating bacteria in Pangasinan. Even though this sort of thing stuff is not really my thing (I write mostly on missiology and contextual theology), it has become a hot topic. I have always been a skeptic of this, and remain so. The person who describes himself as a prophet does not have a good record for accurate prophecies. Therefore, I would not consider him a prophet of God. However, on Bandila (on ABS-CBN) a short video came up about a flesh-eating bacteria in Pangasinan (thus the hits on my site). Actually, they say it is not known what it is… maybe leprosy… maybe psoriasis… maybe something else. Maybe known, maybe unknown. The cases are few and the research early.

I really have no idea what to make of it. I know there was the video (on February 24th, 2014) but I did not see it… just read some excerpts about it. I don’t see anything on the Department of Health (Philippines) website about such a thing. I live a little over an hour from Pangasinan and have heard nothing of this. I have friends in Sta Barbara, Pangasinan (a supposed center of this) and I have heard nothing from them. Skin diseases are pretty common here in the Philippines… so it takes awhile to figure out what is a problem and what isn’t (all three of my children have atopic dermatitis, which can be confused with other skin ailments).

If it is true, it will stand up to scrutiny. If not, it will disappear. Northern Luzon periodically gets scares… leprosy, leptospirosis, dengue (big problem), and meningo. Some are real problems that are reported, but some are more hype than help. The alleged prophecy says that the disease is supposed to spread out from Pangasinan to other parts of the world, so if it is real, you won’t miss it. If it isn’t real, let it go… it won’t be missed.

As Christians, let’s have just a wee bit of patience. Already seeing wild and weird responses on this on http://www.randomrepublika.com. Another one with wild responses on both sides:  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/02/25/14/netizens-abuzz-over-flesh-eating-illness

Either way, don’t go to blogsites (including my own) to check things like this… there is far too much of a tendency to pool ignorance and push an agenda. Go to reputable health news sources. Christians should not be tossed about like foam on the ocean by rumors and sensationalizing journalism. If the hype stands up to scrutiny, then fine–let it stand. Recalling the various doomsday prophecies in the last few years… it is time for Christians to GROW UP and analyze things first to see what is true and what is false… what is from God, what is from Satan, and what is from our own overactive imaginations.

I can’t predict the future (and neither can you) so just wait a bit and see what happens.

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