Contextualization via Decontextualizing the Bible

Another good article from Jackson Wu.thepropositionfigure1  Talks about the problems associated with what he calls “decontextualizing the Bible.” I might say, converting the narrative quality of the Bible into a series of propositional statements (Although Evangelicals tend to love propositional truth, it seems to be a love affair we should get over and move beyond.)

Anyway, the start of Wu’s article is as follows. You can read the rest at the link below:

I had a number of concerns in mind when I wrote One Gospel for All Nations. One of them is a tendency among missionaries (among others): People tend to do contextualization by decontextualizing the Bible.

In order to make the gospel understandable, they typically reduce the message to a few key principles or ideas that essentially strip the Christian story from its historical and narrative context.

For the rest, go to: Contextualization via Decontextualizing the Bible

One thought on “Contextualization via Decontextualizing the Bible

  1. A nice article to read and mull over. Seeking the “kerygma” or the kernal of a book may be flawed. I noted in a sermon I gave at PBTS a few months ago that the core message of Philemon is something like: “Philemon, I am sending Onesimus back to you. Don’t punish him. Paul.” This core message is fairly trivial… and probably incorrect. Paring down the text often does not get to the kernel but often destroys the message.


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