The Science of Persuasion | Ideapod

This is a cleverly hand drawn animated video depicting Dr Robert Cialdini’s Six Weapons of Influence as popularised in his book Influence, Science and Practice. The video introduces you or reinforces, the Six Principles of Persuasion, which are:Reciprocity: People are more likely to say “yes” to those that they owe, especially in the context of a social obligation. It also matters “how” you give.Scarcity: People want more of what they have less ofAuthority: It’s important to signal to others what makes you a credible, knowledgeable authority without having to say it yourself.Consistency: Consistency is activated by looking for and asking for small commitments that can be made along the way.Liking: People prefer to say yes to people that they like! Consensus: People look to the actions and behaviors of others to determine their own.

Source: The Science of Persuasion | Ideapod

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