Three Recommended Posts

I usually do my own blogposts… but there are three articles I would like to recommend:

1. Four Ways the Church Misunderstands Spiritual Formationaieoljbbt

This is pretty simple… but I like it. Some may think this isn’t that relevant to missions, but decide for yourself. Not only does it apply to churches, but to mission groups as well. There is always the temptation to avoid a holistic view, and fall into one of the four ways listed in the post. And when the results are not as expected, there is the temptation go for “more of the same.”

2.  Who Are We?   (Questions to Ask Your Ministry Team)

This is also simple… but the profound is often disguised in the simple. A ministry must consider certain questions regarding its identity and mission. A lot of the thoughts here tie to Group Dynamics. And understandably so. So many mission teams fail in not dealing with the basics.

3.  Three Types of Missionary Pespectives

Nice article showing three common perspectives: Multiplication, Margins, and Maturity.  Or

Becoming a believer.
Belonging to the Church.
Being a disciple.

It is nice, in part because missions is often much more narrowly. God’s mission is broader than ours commonly. I think I will add this model to the one I use for Mission locations:

Missions is to be done:

Where the Local Church Isn’t.
Where the Local Church Hasn’t.
Where the Local Church Can’t.

Since all three perspectives can (and should) be done in all three locations. That results in NINE possible combinations.

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