The Gospel Coalition and how (not) to engage culture | Religion News Service

<I do admit I barely know TGC. I suppose living in the Philippines, not being Calvinist, and having a more “mutual submission” view of marital relations means I am not in the same circles. However, beyond challenging some of the activities of this group… the article does point out a basic problem with cultural engagement.  What John Merritt notes:

  • Constantly criticizing outsiders while only listening to insiders … is how not to engage culture.
  • Shutting out dissenters who challenge your beliefs, content, or ideas … is how not to engage culture.
  • Operating in a pattern of isolationism, tribalism, and egotism … is how not to engage culture.
  • Refusing to answer difficult questions about your organization’s practices … is how not to engage culture.

One engages with culture dialogically and counter-culturally.  Dialogically, one engages with the culture with two-way respectful conversation— even open to the possibility that one may learn something valuable in the process. Counter-culturally, means that one challenges as an insider not as an outsider.>


The ministry blocks dissenters and ignores journalists who might ask difficult questions. This is not engaging culture, but evading culture.

Source: The Gospel Coalition and how (not) to engage culture | Religion News Service

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