“greatness” rather than “Greatness”


Hoping you will take the time to see the Article on “Clearing Customs” entitled “Your little “g’ greatness is Still Worth Finding.” You can find it by clicking HERE.

That article, as well as associated videos, is a nice look at the Nike ad campaign in 2012 seeking to redefine greatness… away from an elitist ideal. I hate promoting advertisements… but they are well done with a curiously positive message– as the blogger says… from “capital G” greatness, to “small g” greatness. The last video is especially important as Nike describes its strategy to change cultural perceptions.

I wish as Christians we would try to do the same thing. However, so often we don’t challenge worldly perceptions of greatness. Instead we revel in them… focusing our attention on Great churches, Great leaders, and so forth. Frankly, I don’t think we need “Great” churches and leaders. We could arguably need ones that are “great” with a decidedly small-g. Or perhaps the correct word is “good.” We need good churches, we need good leaders.

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