Medical Missions Reprise

Some things go away but don’t stay away. For the most part, my wife and I stopped doing medical missions back in 2010. From 2005-2009, we were with a group called Dakilang Pag-Ibig Diadem Ministries. During that time, we served about 30,000 patients in about 70 different sites. Then, in the first couple of years But of our present ministry (Bukal Life Care) we continued to do some medical missions– especially when tied to disaster response. I think the last medical mission that we organized and ran was in 2013… although we have helped with bits and pieces of some since then. I think it is a good ministry… but does have some potential pitfalls.

But just in the last month, we have been asked by three different groups advice regarding medical missions. That can be tough because there is such variety that can be involved in the methodology and long-term strategy. But since questions keep coming in, here are a few resources. Some are directly related to medical missions… and some a bit less so.

Article #1.  Healthy Medical Missions

Article #2.  Models for Church-Based Relief and Development

Article #3.  Changing Priorities and Practices

Article #4.  From Baguio to Baguionas

Book:  Principles and Practices for Healthy Medial Missions41l78twlool



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