Christmas Musings 2016

It is Christmas Season here in the Philippines. Arguably, it has been since September 1st.

Every year I come across some Christians who are worried about whether it is okay to celebrate Christmas because of its “pagan roots.” This year is no exception. Additionally, some JWs came by our house today and they reject Christmas for this very reason (of course, it is their choice, and I certainly don’t ask those of other faiths to celebrate our own religious celebrations). But Christians rejecting Christmas because of its pagan roots makes no sense unless one believes that things that non-Christians do are forever unredeemable by God. Rejecting the obscene consumerism— well, I am a bit more sympathetic to that view. But I think subversion of consumerism in a system is best done from within than without.maligayang_pasko_god_jul_i_tagaloggf_rund_kudde-r3b6741f100284f578da60ed788644954_z6i0e_324

Some reject Christmas because it is… festive, and festive is problematic. It reminds me of a group of, truthfully very nice, people who felt that birthdays were wrong to celebrate because it is wrong to suggest that even one day a year is your own day rather than God’s. That is fine, but that does seem to presume that God rejects celebration, or that a day of personal celebration demeans or offends God. I don’t really see that.

Anyway here are some Christmas musings from the past:

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St. Joseph at Christmas (2012)

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Additionally, here is my Family’s Christmas Letter/Card:      CLICK HERE

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