Why I Love Teaching Church History on the Mission Field

As I have been visiting churches during our home assignment (furlough), I am occasionally asked why I teach church history in Thailand. “Do they really need to learn church history? Don’t they need the Bible more?” The answer to both questions is , “They do.” In a full-orbed approach to discipleship, Christians need to know some history too… even on mission fields where Christians are few and far between.

Source: Why I Love Teaching Church History on the Mission Field

Personal Note: I love the list, but I would add a #7.  The Church is Timeless. By that I mean that it is not correct to say that St. Thomas, Pope Gregory the Great, Teresa of Avila, Martin Luther, William Carey, C.S. Lewis, and Mother Theresa USED TO BE part of the Universal Church. Rather, they are a part of the church. To study the history of the church is as no less relevant than to study the present church. The church then exists in both time and space. I plan to expand on this soon… maybe in my next post. We will see.

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