A short post on the results of a couple of medical missions from over 10 years ago. Sometimes, one does not know the effect one has had until years later. Sometimes one never finds out.

Bob and Celia Munson

I have noted to our supporters that we have been involved, at least loosely, with two churchplants recently. We are joining with one churchplant that has met for three weeks now. In its third week had close to 40 attendees. That is a pretty nice initial growth. Additionally, Bob gave the dedication/commissioning prayer for another churchplant that is being led by one of his students. This is only their second formal service. Our involvement there is likely to be less direct.

Interestingly, during the last few days we discovered that we were involved indirectly with two other churchplants.

  1.  Back over 10 years ago, when we were involved in a medical mission organization that we helped found (Dakilang Pag-Ibig DIADEM Ministries). We went to Kalinga Province for a multi-site mission. On this one, Bob stayed home, but Celia joined. The mission trip was a bit messed up. The team showed up…

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