Free Book for Download

Recently I finished my sixth book. As I looked them over, I realized theostoryingthat four of the books I did because I was teaching classes in which textbooks were not really available (or adequate) here in the Philippines. One book I wrote because I had to— the book form of my doctoral dissertation. However, there was one book I actually wrote because I wanted to.  That was “Theo-Storying:  Reflections on God, Narrative, and Culture.” I have made a few changes over the years, but ultimately, I still like the book.

Therefore, I thought I would make it available for download. It is not that long— less than 130 pages.  If you do want to buy a copy, it is available online (HERE), Certainly not against this, but the free option is simply to click on the link below:

Theostorying 2019 Revision

I would also like to add the note that one of my former students, a Muslim Background Christian, has written a book on how to have a dialogue with Muslims, and lead them to Christ, and disciple them. It is almost done and should be available soon. I will let you know when it is up on the WEB.

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