It is good to support the good. Correct?  So here are a few things to consider supporting.

#1.  Aurora College of Intercultural Studies.  This school, in Maria Aurora, Aurora Province, Philippines, trains up young people for both intracultural and intercultural ministry. It is a small school but takes its Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, table and indoortraining seriously in preparing students to serve— balancing formal training with practical ministry. During their first summer break all students work with BLESS Ministries in Philippine-based outreach. Their second summer break they join Asia Vision-Short Term Missions (AVSTM) in doing ministry in a number of settings in Southeast Asia. Tuition and Residential costs are heavily subsidized, and classes are also creditable with Luzon Baptist Bible School (LBBS). (Other partnerships are in the works… but that is for the future.)

#2.  Principles of Leading Muslims to Christ.  This book, just published by Adesegun Hammed Olayiwola, seeks to understand ministering to Muslims through first understanding Muslims. Since Adesegun wasFront cover paper raised as a Muslim in a Muslim family, his perspective is well-founded and is more sympathetic to the adherents of the Islamic faith than many others who often have a more antagonistic view to both the faith and the adherents.  He recommends dialogue over argument, and spends more time on the importance of effective mentoring— especially from more mature Muslim Background Believers.  The book is available on (and other online sources presumably), both in paper and Kindle.

#3.  Dialogue in Diversity.  This is my book.  I would note it here since it promotes much of the same ideas regarding interreligious or interfaith Cover frontministry as Adesegun’s book does. It provides some insights in how to utilize a “clarification-style” dialogue for mutual understanding and insight, and as a foundation for sharing one’s faith to another in a manner that understood and responded to. This is also available on, et al.

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