Book Updates

I have been working on a few updates. Here is some updates (if you are interested).

  1. My wife and I have finished updates on our book, “Dynamics in Pastoral Care.” Actually, part of that was in changing the title (slightly) as well as the cover. Therefore, it looks like a totally new book… but only a few pages, and minor editing changed. You can preview it HERE.

2. I have updated my “Beta” version of “Walking With as a Metaphor for Missions Theology.” It is not completely edited. But it is getting better. You can download the updated version by CLICKING THERE.

3. I am finally updated my book on Cultural Anthropology (from a Missions perspective). I have been using the book for several years. Each year I get a little more dissatisfied with it… but I still find it useful. However, one chapter I feel I must fix. I did a chapter on Ethnicity and Race. I was rather dismissive of the topic because both ethnicity and race are social constructs not based on “reality,” and yet people around the world have used these constructs as if they are real and important. I suppose the fact that I am married to someone of a very different ethnicity, and have children who would be called “bi-racial” adds to my unhappiness with this topic, and tending to be dismissive. However, even if race is a made-up construct, racism is very much a reality in cultures. So I need to take the topic more seriously. Still working on this.

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