History of Missions Class at Faith Bible College

It is good to keep learning. I am taking a course, “Teaching in Oral Cultures,” the first full course of study I have taken since 2013. It is also good to keep teaching. That is true for at least two reasons— one is that teaching forces one to keep learning. The other is that it helps others to learn as well.

I have a course set up on Populi at Faith Bible College this Summer. It is titled “History of Missions.” It is fully online and asynchronous (“max-flex” That’s because I have to go back and forth between the Philippines and the US. That makes it hard to guarantee a set face-to-face time. However, unlike some course, I think this works for “History of Misions”

I teach a number of courses at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary and Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary. However, PBTS is focused on God-called, Church-affirmed ministers. As such, there are greater limitations on who can take courses there. This is even more true of ABGTS. On the other hand Faith Bible College trains a wide variety of people— both traditional and non-traditional Bible school students. Of course, I absolutely do recommend PBTS and ABGTS for those seeking to do ministry— especially in Asia.

For those interested, you are welcome to try out the course this Summer. This sort of training format is new to me. I would love to get feedback. I need to keep learning.


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