Hiding in the Light

Here is a very old joke.

A man, apparently named “Mac”, is walking down the street when he sees a second man, “Bud”, looking around the sidewalk for something. Mac, being a very astute individual, says, “Hey Bud, you lose somethin’?”
-Bud responds “What’s it to you, Mac?”Image result for lost wallet
-“Nothin’.” replies Mac, “Just seein’ if I could help. What did ya lose, Bud?”
-“Well Mac, it’s like this. A few minutes ago I was walking down that narrow alley. I know I had my wallet going into it, but when I got out, it was missing.”
-“So Bud, why in the world are you out here looking when you know the wallet is in that alley somewhere?”
-“Why strain my eyes looking for my wallet in there, Mac, when the light is much better out here.”

It sure sounds foolish to look for what is lost, where what is lost is not. Jesus went where the lost were. He sought out all that would hear His good news. The “Light of the World” sought out darkness, not to become dark, but to make the darkness light.

We also are told to be lights to the world. We are told not to hide that light. And often, as good Christians, we obey Jesus and do not hide our light. We boldly proclaim the Gospel, in church. He discuss deep spiritual matters with anyone, in our Bible study group, who is interested. We confidently share our faith with our Christian neighbors and relatives.

When we share our faith only with those we believe share our faith, we are like Bud, who is looking for his wallet where it isn’t. We, like Bud, are hiding in the light—seeking to obey God in action, but only where it is comfortable. We are called to be uncomfortable. Obedience to God is not merely in action, but location.

Where are you looking for God’s lost children?

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