Book Quotes

Two quoted passages from “Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church” by Reggie McNeal.

Quote #1 .  Page 93.  “The jig is up! Evidence of this is everywhere and growing both outside and inside the church culture. The program-driven church has produced a brand of Christianity that is despised, not just ignored, by people outside the church. Their antipathy for what we call Christianity exists for all the wrong reasons. Basically it comes dow to our failure to demonstrate the love of Jesus, passing by people not like us on the other side of the road on our way to building great churches.  Even among the self-defined committed, the evidence is clear that church activity is no sign of genuine spiritual vitality. The lifestyles and values of church members largely reflect those of the culture. A gnawing unease among church members about their own lack of personal growth has erupted into a growing disaffection and disillusionment with the church’s program approach. …”

Quote #2.  Page 6.  Quoting David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons in the book UnChristian.  “No strategy, tactics, or clever marketing campaign could ever clear away the smokescreen that surrounds Christianity in today’s culture. The perception of outsiders will change only when Christians strive to represent the heart of God in every relationship and situation.”

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