What is a Missionary? Part 2

II.  A Missionary is one involved in cross-cultural work.

I mentioned three traditional understandings of missionary… One is that of being called, a second is that of being cross-cultural, and a third is that of being professional or full-time.

Dave Mays has a good article that addresses the issue of being cross-cultural. He compares his (or the traditional) view of missionary with that of the missional church movement. Even though I am involved with cross-cultural missions, I fail to see why cross-cultural should have anything to do with the term missionary. The original idea appeared to be that an apostle was one who was sent out (sent out by Christ and sent out by and from the local church) to reach those who are not believers. Even Paul and Barnabbas would just barely qualify as missionaries if bound by the cross-cultural standard.

That being said, the article by Dave Mays is very good and seems to be a fair and reasoned attempt to look at a difficult issue.

I have to admit that I prefer the missional church understanding of missionary.


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