Theology and Psychology: Brief Consideration

I wrote this article/post for our Counseling Center website. I suppose it is not, strictly speaking, missional. However, in missions we need to deal with human problems (including psychoemotional and psychospiritual). It is important to know what we believe regarding psychology and theology, focus and philosophy. My personal training is primarily in Pastoral Care and (strong) Integrationist. I still have a lot to learn.

Bukal Life Care

We get questions at times with regards to the relationship between the Christian faith and Psychology when it comes to counseling. Between various schools of thought, some of whom appear to be at war with each other, it can be quite difficult to know what is what, to say nothing about what is right. We are not going to try to explain all of the differences. A good place to start would be “Psychology & Christianity: Five Views”edited by Eric L. Johnson, with contributors from five schools David G. Myers, Stanton L. Jones, Robert C. Roberts, P. J. Watson, John H. Coe, Todd W. Hall, David A. Powlison. The five “schools” are:Psychology and Theology
Levels of Explanation
      -Transformational Psychology
      -Christian Psychology/Counseling
      -Biblical Counseling

Transformational Psychology on first glance at least seems to simply be a type of Christian Psychology. Because of lack of…

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