Looking Back and Moving Forward

This is an extended quote that a fellow graduate from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Bernard Kuffuor, formerly and presently of Ghana. The quote really explains itself, but I would like to add that Christians need to grab and embrace their own history and the History of their ancestors (physical and spiritual). Jesus said not to look back… but that is about turning away from the goal, not gaining insight from the past.

“I just read a friend’s wall underscoring the premise that: One needs not to look back in his pursuit for success save when he has annexed success.

This maxim, as poignant and blatant as it is, is NOT TRUE for my money…

Every athlete is indoctrinated with the time-worn and outdated advise to focus all his attention on the finish line without catching a glimpse of his competitors….

Taking a peek or glancing at what is beside or behind you isn’t the problem, but being obsessed or too fixated with it IS. Every athlete at a point in a particular heat of a competition, takes a SHARP or SNAPPY gaze at who is beside him or running at a faster pace behind. This WISDOM helps this athlete to either run all and finish hard or continue with his normal pace and finish with it.

We are made to believe that CURIOSITY KILLS, so up yours with it. In my book, CURIOSITY is a Risk to take in order to Embrace Ample and Productive Knowledge. Let’s Redefine Old Maxims and Quotes to suit our Present Roles and Dispensation.

Life is a MIGHTY RACE and the sacrosanct truth in life is that: our whole life is made up of the PAST, NOW, and FUTURE.

We take a SNAPPY GAZE at our PAST, in order not to repeat it or get too complacent with it and to rectify our mistakes it for a BETTER NOW. Then, we must regroup both our losses and dividends to structure and build up a BETTER FUTURE.

COUNTING THE COST involves the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE.

Remember: it’s a QUIZ…  GAZE AT THE PAST to LEARN FROM IT not to be Dependent on it….

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