2 thoughts on “Why suspended professor says, “We worship the same God.”

  1. I like this article in that it clarifies a fairly important point. Monotheists can argue that we all worship the same kind of being. But we don’t necessarily worship the same being. Mormons, as henotheists, are one step removed in that we don’t really worship the same kind of being either. Of course, the lines get blurry when we talk about the difference between Christian unitarians and Christian trinitarians. Is there enough similarity there to say that we worship the same God? Maybe, maybe not.

    In the end, I see nothing wrong with seeking dialogue, and even finding areas of solidarity and commonality with Muslims and others. However, we really don’t share a common faith, and we don’t share a common object of our faith. And we don’t share a common revelation or justification for our faith. One can still interact peacefully while being intellectually honest regarding these differences.


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