Finishing 2015

Well, I suppose it’s been a pretty good year as years go.Munson drawing Got a couple of books finished and published. Two more are basically ready to publish (once I finish the indexes (indices?) and footnotes). Averaged 100 more hits a month than 2 years ago.  That all may not impress too many people, but it feels good to me. Last year, I got thousands of hits due to a false report of “flesh-eating bacteria” here in the Philippines… so I can’t really count that statistic. I am not seeking clickbait, but those interested in Christian Missions and Missions Theology. My final two children have just entered college, and good things are happening with our ministry work in Baguio City, Philippines.

Not sure if I will put up anymore posts between now and years’ end. There is one post bumping around in my head… but we will see. If not, Maligayang Pasko, at Manigong Bagong Taon (Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year).

Here are the top posts viewed in 2015

1 Cults: Good, Bad, and Ugly
2 Kintsukuroi Faith: Beautifully Broken. Part 2
3 Quote on Caring
4 Oral Transmission and “Rida Rida Ranka”
5 Thoughts on a Painting
6 Medical Mission Events in the Philippines, Part IV
7 Fallacies and Questions Surrounding Redemptive Analogy
8 Medical Mission Events in the Philippines, Part I
9 Contemporary Issues in Missions
10 Cleansing the Church’s “Court of the Gentiles?”
11 St. Boniface and the Peregrini (Part 2)
12 From Power Encounter to Love Encounter
13 Stuff About Me
14 Kintsukuroi Faith: Beautifully Broken. Part I
15 Christian Missions: Destroyer of Cultures?
16 Redemptive Analogy
17 The Unethical Church. Part I
18 Dual Citizenship and God Flipping a Coin
19 Presentation. Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership (book summary)
20 My Books (Done or Still Baking)

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