Theologian says God not in control

<I have not read his book to see the full argument… but I greatly appreciate the point he here makes that SOVEREIGNTY AND CONTROL are two very different things. Frankly, this seems self-evident, but it is amazing how much doubtful theology gets shared based on that confusion. Working with a counseling center, I can tell you theodicy is quite a bit clearer if one accepts the Lord’s Prayer as it is stated— that God’s will is fully done in heaven, while on earth, it God’s will is to be prayed for since it is not, as yet, fully done here.>

A Baptist theologian who spent a quarter century reformulating the Christian doctrine of providence says most mainline theology about evil, suffering and God’s goodness is wrong. “We’re still living in the 21st century with a vision of God in relationship to the world that was hammered out

Source: Theologian says God not in control

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