Unexpected Break

I like to put up a post around once every three days. However, we had a major typhoon blow overhead this last weekend. The day before the storm a tree next to us fell over knocking out power lines and narrowly missing the spot where we normally park our car (I had moved it to a safer spot a couple hours before to weather the storm). We lost power for around 3 hours at that time. Then the storm hit and we lost power for 63 hours. We are still without Internet except for going on cellular internet for brief periods to type stuff on my cellphone… like now. So I guess that means I should take a bit of a break.

What our family has are just minor annoyances. Say a pray for those not far from us (especially in Itogon, Benguet) who have suffered much greater losses due to flooding and landslides. We MAY be asked to help with post-disaster response— especially defusing. We shall see.

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