Looking at Spiritual Abuse

Today, I gave a short lecture on Spiritual Abuse (one of my favorite topics). I was asked about other materials I have. Anyway, thought I would share the presentations I put together years ago. I am sure I need to update these… but they will do for now.

<I used to have these presentations on http://www.slideshare.net. However, Scribd bought Slideshare and changed policies there like they did with their original website. The changes on Slideshare are annoying… but worse is probably coming. They broke their promises on Scribd.com so hoping http://www.slideserve.com will not get swallowed up. Time will tell.>

#1. Characteristics and Methods:


#2. “Bad Shepherds”


#3. Religious Addiction


#4. Structures of Spiritual Abuse


#5. Where do Abusive Churches Come From?


#6. Treatment for Spiritual Abuse


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