Waking Up: Racism, Privilege, and the Celebration of Ignorance

“There is a difference between agreement and understanding: When discussing complex social and institutional dynamics such as racism, consider whether “I don’t agree” may actually mean “I don’t understand.“  -Robin DiAngelo

The title of this post is the name of a post by Joe Terrell. It looks at racism from the aspect of insiders and outsiders. It uses the case study of Evangelical White Christians and their inability to grasp the challenge of racial and religious outliers in society. Perhaps living in a country in Asia where one is a minority in almost every way, one can ultimately “get it.” Most don’t get that option. People of privilege rarely get a chance to see how that privilege actually works. That is one reason why stories like the Prince and the Pauper draws interest. It is interesting to see that a person of privilege not only doesn’t really deserve the privilege, but may even be less worthy than those denied such privilege. That being said, the writer expresses hope that one can “explain water to a fish.” That is a difficult thing to do.

Rather than taking things further, you can just read the article yourself.



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