MMM Clarifications

I have been getting hundreds of hits to this blogsite because many think that it is related to MMM-Global… a financial scheme (seemingly a Ponzi scheme).


I hate to disappoint but I have no connection with that organization. This is a Christian missions blogsite. I am a missionary and a professor of Christian missions, and the administrator of a Pastoral Care Center… all in the Philippines. I put here articles related to my my reflections as they broadly relate to Christian missions, ministry, and theology. If you are interested, beyond this site, I have some other sites that relate to various aspects of the work of myself and my wife.

Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center                  Our Counseling Center

CPSP-Philippines     Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Certification Board

Bob and Celia Munson      Our own scrapbook of our ministry work.

If you are looking for MMM-Global… or MMM-Philippines… or one of its many other iterations, you need to look elsewhere.


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