Top Posts and Stuff

Here are some of my top posts and other categories over the years.

Top Posts

Top Presentations.

Top Article. <I don’t do a lot of article writing… but this is my most popular one>

Top Book.  <Never worked out the numbers exactly but a few hundred copies of this book are out there in one form or another>

Upcoming Things. My plans often change, But the following are pretty safe bets.

  • New Article:  “Better than New:  Reflections on Wabi Sabi as a Metaphor for Christian Perfection.” <Being Reviewed. Will be published in early 2018>
  • Revision on book, Ministry in Diversity: Applied Cultural Anthropology in a Multicultural World <Fixing glaring textual issues. Also adding a chapter on Interreligious Dialogue, as well as expanding a couple of other chapters. Will be done early in 2018.>
  • Hopefully complete new book, The Dynamics in Pastoral Care.  <Had stalled on this one but am moving forward again… finally. Hopefully finish in 2018>

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